We have import-exported antique furniture since year 2007.
Offered products are from their quality and price ratio the cheepest in Estonia.

 We import antique and used furniture mostly from West-Europe and Scandinavia.
Antique furniture is mostly out of solid wood and is mainly produced out of oak,
mahagony or nut tree wood. Used furniture, which we import, is from 1880-1980 and
it is solid wood oak furniture. However there are some exceptions with plywood and
sawdust furniture. When buying sawdust furniture we inform our customers about it.

 Antique furniture and used furniture, which we sell, is 95 % decent, though some of
the products might have small defects, which have no need for restauration. In case of
a need we offer restauration service for the hard and soft furniture bought from our

To the furniture bought from our warehouse we also offer painting service !
We sell different products: antique furniture, soft furniture, sofas, rocking chairs,
poufs, benches, commodes, closets, wardrobes, showcases, office furniture,
secretary, bookcases, bedside tables, corner cabinet, shelves, tables, chairs,
armchairs, felted furniture, ornamental products, crystal, glassware, chimney watches,
floor clocks, wall clocks, cabinet clocks, vases, dishes, tableware sets, copper,
porcelain, paintings, pictures, tapestries, picture frames, mirrors, mirror frames,
varia, candlestics, small furniture, carpets, living room kits, bedroom sets, retail- and

wholesale, products on order, used furniture, concrete garden shapes, decorative
concrete shapes for garden, building materials, doors-windows, other building
materials !

 Buying antique and antique furniture you can be sure that your money is not wasted as
it is an investment. In general when selling later you will return most of your
investment !

We also offer wholesale service for furniture and antique furniture. For more
information please read and check out the terms from Wholesale section.
About warranty you can read and check out the terms from Warranty section.

Our motto is Friendly and Flexible service with Cheap price !
Wishing you : Pleasant shopping – Your OLDEUROPE !!!