Cooperation partner -  Koduliising OÜ ( )
LIISI POSTPAYMENT helps you to purchase necessary products. Choose yourself suitable
leasing conditions, sign the contract and product is yours!

Why to choose LIISI?
• Liisi application is easy
• Liisi responds quickly
• You can apply as private person and as a company

• No minimum or maximum purchase price

LIISI postpayment conditions:
• Deposit 0 €
• Contract fee 0 €
• Interest starting from 16%
• Contract length 1–48 months

Service provider is Koduliising OÜ. Credit cost rate is 36,42% under the following
postpayment amount 450€, deposit 0€, contract length 24 months, annual interest 18%.
Please feel free to request for Liisi postpayment. We will always find the best solution for